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Emotional and Intimate Hospital Wedding- Laura + Jared

Updated: May 18, 2021

One of the most raw, real and emotional days of my career. The bride, groom and their families hold a very special place in my heart.

On a wedding day, I try to invest my heart and sole into capturing the stories of my couples. Laura and Jared’s wedding, was a day that I invested “my everything” into. So many inspiring stories of loving relationships. There were tears, laughs, intimate moments and unbreakable bonds. Every moment felt paused. Almost like a snapshot in time.

This is one of my most cherished and emotional days that I have ever captured. This is the strongest, most determined and sweetest family I’ve met. The love was undeniable and shared throughout the day. This family doesn’t take one moment for granted. I never feel that I can thank them enough with how much they’ve taught me and helped my husband and I grow.

Here is a little of their proposal and there full story can be viewed on Magnolia Rouge’s blog.

Jared and I love exploring new hikes, and one fall day we went on the most beautiful hike at Gaff point. It was so beautiful – you start by walking across a beach, which eventually meets up with a wooded trail. Other parts of the hike are essentially Cliffside with breathtaking views. I’m usually the one to have my phone glued to my hand ready for photos, but that day I was trying to unplug and keep my phone in my bag. Every now and again Jared would stop and suggest I take a picture of the view. About 30 minutes into the hike, we stumbled upon this place known as ‘secret beach’ (because it is unmarked), which we had both seen pictures of on Instagram.

When we got there we were looking around saying ‘oh this is a neat little area,’ and then we realized it was secret beach. We were both so excited to have found it, when Jared said: “hey, why don’t you take a panoramic photo of it?” So, I started to take the panoramic photo. I was so focused on keeping the little arrow on the yellow line that I wasn’t even paying attention to Jared.

I was pretty close to finishing the pan when Jared said “hey Laura.” So I stopped the pan because I thought he was trying to tell me he was going to get in the frame. When I looked away from the phone, Jared was down on one knee and I instantly shouted “NOOOOOO!!!” (mostly because I was really upset I had stopped the pan, and also because I was so surprised I didn’t know how to react), but that quickly turned into me excitedly saying yes.

The moment was a total blur. When I looked back at the pan, I noticed that I did actually capture a part of Jared’s face while he was proposing. It’s a pretty special photo for us because we were able to capture the moment, from a different perspective than the generic ‘he hired a photographer to follow us in secret and take our photo’.

The night before my wedding, I slept over with my mom in the hospital. For the entire week, my sisters and I would rotate who stayed overnight. We all enjoyed our time with her, sharing laughs and stories, and spending quality time together. As we were falling asleep, she asked me to tell the story of how Jared and I met, and some of our first dates. She told me she remembered me coming home from the cottage weekend where I had met Jared and telling her about who was there, and that she told me to go after Jared. I too remember that moment, and told her “Mom! Come on, I only met this person once and we are just friends!” As she was falling asleep, the night before my wedding, she said to me “see, I told you to go after that boy!” My mom woke up the next morning at 5am to a big gasp and a stunned look on her face, when I asked her what was wrong, she said “what time is it?” I said “it’s 5” she asked “AM or PM?” When I told her it was 5AM, she let out a huge sigh of relief and said “I made it, I made it, I made it. Only 8 more hours until my baby’s wedding.”